Being a local company that reaches customers worldwide is a true challenge that requires mobile access to a company’s services and internal expert knowledge. Thanks to our previous achievements and current expertise that continuously strengthens the market positions of our business partners, our teams are able to make web applications even more competitive by leveraging resources and minimizing the service maintenance costs. We offer web backend development services with scalable performance and robust architecture by taking advantage of the power of the latest backend technological solutions such as Python, PHP, Java or Swift,. Our end-to-end web development business process can be applied to small, medium and large scale organizations for internal purposes as well as to products available on the market for the end-customers. We keep up with these releases and aim to become a global web service provider with a portfolio of advanced products consistent with the web development value chain. Our web development teams can support your app web solutions with extraordinary cloud side technologies, high security verification tools and services which can provide communications between databases, servers and web applications in an admin friendly management environment. Thanks to our experience in remote collaboration, our employees will eagerly run a project for you, regardless of the location of your company.

Moreover, our teams help customers across the world not only to achieve their business and strategic objectives but also to take initiatives. By successfully implementing a perfectly matched technology architecture based on various data solutions, Codete has gained extensive experience in many industries. Consequently, our company is an excellent candidate to become an IT knowledge expert in your upcoming projects. Our technical specialists with expertise in the main security principles, access control technologies and sensitive data protection will help you in selecting the appropriate technology for your backend architecture, preparing a proper dataflow design with a prototype and all necessary components and finally they will also assist you in testing, deploying and maintaining the product that your company will receive. Even though the process of building a new web development solution seems to be complicated, time and energy consuming, our project management team takes care of everything considering all your requirements, unexpected changes and additional risks regarding the deployment process in order for a project to be a success.

Recognizing and mitigating risks that might be faced by the team is a part of the overall view provided by Codete. At the end of the day, our project managers always deliver final products within a defined statement of work, deadline and budget. Thanks to the agile and lean methodologies, we start with a minimum value product needed to complete a basic test learn feedback loop and then we move step by step iteratively towards your vision of a product.

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Business expertise
Codete is an expert in modern technology and one of the leading providers of integrated software development services. Apart from that, it also offers front- and backend technological solutions dedicated to both private and public organizations. With our key business knowledge and advanced skills, we deliver advanced and innovative backend functionalities for web applications on an international scale. Our teams have realized many tech projects for international and well-known companies that give Codete the best recommendations. Moreover, our company develops a wide range of services and deepens its business knowledge to meet your expectations even better and to provide your business with quality products.
Considering the importance of the backend frameworks, it's not surprising that if the technical scripts of your products are getting more advanced, then you can have more complex systems automating your work. The business knowledge in web service development is the most basic way to improve your web product portfolio. Our extensive experience and profound understanding of many industries and business sectors places us in the ideal position to transform your ideas into reality.
Our know-how applied in each of our projects is an important asset, which is properly used, managed and updated to meet business needs. The business relationship is always based on a contract tailored to your wishes and expectations. Your company can expect our Codete employees to provide you with an individual service package with a customized range of services. Moreover, each of our projects involves top-notch experienced software developers and every day we cooperate with our clients and keep them updated on the project either by meeting with them personally or by various means of media.
IT Engineering Experts
The world is constantly changing and over time technologies have become an omnipresent feature of human and business existence. This is an impulse for our company to develop ourselves and build a strong IT engineering expert team. At a basic level, we believe that the growth on the global markets requires not only human resources which play a crucial role in a company, but also technological solutions including an advanced system architecture which enables to achieve high efficiency and provide dynamic applications that work on request – response protocols comprised of databases, a wide range of frameworks, service staff and an operating system.
Consequently, our technology experts are ready to help you plan your project in detail and they will eagerly share with you their knowledge gained while realizing other Codete projects in sectors such as FinTech, Automotive and Hospitality.
Quality assurance & testing
Working at a software house requires not only producing new software products but also delivering the best solutions tested for any possible bugs. Manual and automated testing processes written by our experts ensure that the final application meets performance, scalability and stability requirements. Working in various areas of the web development processes throughout many years of our operation on the market helped us to gain an understanding of the underlying technology of creating integrated solutions. Following the up-to-date sensitive data protocols enable us to verify whether the product received by your company is well protected and whether any possible backend technological gaps have been properly removed and eliminated.
Our web development engineers focus on delivering top quality products and developing the perfect backend applications that can be applied in both local or cloud-based distributed database systems and that can allow your company to achieve high performance, usability and scalability of a web app. Numerous criteria need to be taken into account when determining a tech track - each and every element translates into the final product. Our tech engineers can help you either to properly select components of a tech architecture or to develop and maintain it in order to facilitate your business process. Thanks to our broad business expertise we believe that together we can create powerful and complex enterprise business solutions that will be incorporated in your new backend application meeting all your requirements.
Regardless of the requirements regarding a project you want to complete with Codete, you can be sure that you will be provided with top quality services and that our experienced IT experts will handle all obstacles that may appear during the realization of the project. Naturally, our backend technological solutions focus more on solving problems and delivering optimized results rather than on making things look pretty. Moreover, our company is also well-versed in frontend technologies so if you wish we can also do this part of the work for you. Due to our interactive cooperation and communication environments our teams easily work and share information with each other which helps to stimulate innovation and growth.Proper knowledge management enables our business partners to access to valuable information and achieve/get even better results.