Several years ago it was easy to overlook front-end development as most internet browsers were limited to simple HTML rendering and all interactive activities were provided by back-end solutions. However, with the progress of innovative technologies, front-end development has now become more complex and advanced than ever before. Going back to back-end development services, Codete creates system interfaces which not only help users to easily operate platforms but also make clear calls to action and thanks to the use of our innovative system functionalities reduce the number of steps needed to complete the task. Every product in our portfolio is made with great care to look equally stunning on both desktop and mobile devices.

First and foremost, Codete brings front-end technological excellence. In the search for innovative solutions, our agile and experienced engineers can stimulate your business by creating new solutions from scratch in order to deliver systems smarter than ever before. Thanks to our rich experience in different industries and public organizations your company will be provided with a product that will effectively advance its growth. Codete offers a wide range of user-centric front-end development services that amaze with spectacular user interfaces. In this ever-changing world of technology, some tools have remained on the top while others have faded into obscurity over the years. By applying the most appropriate frameworks and libraries such as React, Redux, Angular, Vue and NodeJS, our engineers are always up to date with new trends and alternative technologies that can help us design remarkable products for your business.

Your company is guided by our front-end development team through all stages of the software designing process step by step. With the help of the user interface and insights into user experience, our team, together with your company, will create a scalable and flexible digital front-end product.

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Front-end technological excellence
Codete as a global leader in software development has been built on the most important component of each company – human resources. Our best software engineers are the backbone of the company and as a result your business can expect much more from us than from any of our competitors in the market. As a result of our unique management process based on quick cycles of prototyping, designing and testing the products we build for your company, we are able to create an intuitive and engaging experience for end users. Moreover, our excellent expertise in both front-end and back-end development solutions can help us to create a perfect application that meets your requirements. Through our practical and long-standing presence on the market, we have gained expertise that can be used to recommend you a technology that will meet the expectations of your company and customers. Codete’s comprehensive skill set allows us to deliver all currently available frameworks including a wide range of innovative technologies which have recently appeared on the market. The exclusive deployment process is what our team uses to go hand in hand with the clients' IT teams or to run the entire app development process autonomously, depending on your business preferences. Although our offices are located in Europe, we are able to lead a project worldwide relying on our remote work applications delivering the same high value product as though we were working on-site.
Codete is a company that believes in teamwork so together with other software development teams, we are ready to deliver not only simple basics of front-end development services but also more complex technologies, applications or entire systems. As a full development cycle software provider, we realize the importance of information in your current systems and applications. Our engineers also integrate products with other solutions which together can give you additional business value much bigger than a stand-alone product.
Teams scalability and flexibility
Flexible agile development processes and engagement models allow our company to stay close to your product vision and requirements, which as we know, can change quickly. In order to keep your company at the forefront, our teams share their knowledge with your employees on a daily basis and inform you about the current status of the project or any existing threats. Efficiently distributed teams and a perfect combination of flexibility, skills and scalability are the factors that have defined our business success in the marketplace. While creating a team for your front-end project, we always take into account your needs and wishes to satisfy not only you but also the end users of the application. Our employees are able to adapt to changing circumstances which makes them a more competitive and creative team. We believe that being able to anticipate changes in the preferences of our clients poses, creates not only challenges but also opportunities for new application scopes. For this reason, by using different measurement tools within the project, we create key performance indicators to evaluate the strength of our teams and to comprehensively understand how successful the project is.
Based on the unique company management process and the temporary nature of each project, Codete makes it possible for our business partners to hire both individuals and entire teams in order to complete assigned front-end tasks. If your company does not want to invest much in training and acquiring new human resources, the service on our offer will be perfect for you. This strategy can strengthen your team's workforce without incurring the costs and serious commitments connected to permanent employment. What is more, our managers can give you suggestions regarding the skills your company needs to complete the project as well as recommendations on the most appropriate technological frameworks that will suit your application best.. If you're dealing with significant, unpredictable fluctuations in your workload or high skill requirements, Codete can provide you with the finest specialists in the market. In this case, our services can include both remote development of your front-end application and making our software engineers available to your company for on-site tasks.
Business insight-driven UI
Our business cooperation is always based on a deep preliminary analysis which gives answers to the principal questions regarding the product vision, customer’s requirements and future product evaluation. Business domain experts in our company who have experience in different countries, cultures and industrial sectors prepare a full description of the product your company wants to receive and together we achieve this goal. Moreover, our domain tech expertise in areas such as UX and UI is implemented in our project management process. It is understandable that in order to ensure a smooth use of the device from the very beginning, we take a few steps to design intuitive and user-friendly solutions. Our high quality design skills are valuable assets that are crucial in creating a new product. Years of experience combine our best design practices for every element of functionality, whether it's a simple mobile application or the main interface of a corporation platform.
In general, there is nothing better than learning from skilled and experienced professionals. Our front-end designers and developers can share their deep expertise with your company either as front-end external consultants or experts who collaborate with existing teams on-site. Perfectly tailored Codete's services can make your idea a reality starting with a concept, scope of work, prototype and finally ending with your product. Hard work, experience and a lot of patience are the assets that provide a great description of our teams.